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สินค้าใหม่ (New Products)

The Prodigy7 is the synthesis of advanced technology and user simplicity.
Last Update : 16/03/2018
Isotopic Carbon-Analyzer
The Picarro G2121-i Isotopic CO2 Analyzer is capable of measuring stable isotope ratios of carbon in CO2 and total CO2 concentration
Last Update : 16/03/2018
Robotic BOD Analyzer
The SP2000series Skalar introduces the most flexible Robotic BOD platform available today. Besides the modern design and latest technology innovations, it has a flexible set up from 18 up to 198 BOD bottles.
Last Update : 15/03/2018
6 Channels Automated SPE
Fotector Plus in the case of unattended, automatic continuous processing 48 or more samples, the whole process does not require any human intervention
Last Update : 13/03/2018

สินค้าแนะนำ (Recommend Products)

Photo Absorbance Sensor
The PiCOEXPLORER eliminates critical bottlenecks in laboratory processes.
Last Update : 07/03/2018
Automatic Homogenizer
The AH-30 automatic homogenizer is a multi-tasking device that can achieve high throughput sample loading.
Last Update : 07/03/2018