Skalar :Automated Chemistry Analyzers

ID : 153185
Brand : Skalar
Model : San++
Last Update : 15/08/2561 09:10 Preview : 2,234
The San++ Automated Wet Chemistry Analyzer also known as Continuous Flow Analyzer has been designed as a modular system to meet the needs of laboratories which process a few samples or large volumes of samples.
ID : 153187
Brand : Skalar
Model : The BluVisionTM
Last Update : 31/07/2561 10:34 Preview : 1,199
The BluVisionTM discrete analyzer, for the analysis of basic colorimetric parameters.
ID : 153409
Brand : Skalar
Model : Primacs Series
Last Update : 20/07/2561 09:23 Preview : 1,755
The Primacs SERIES Carbon / Nitrogen Analyzers have been designed to offer a true solution of Carbon and Nitrogen analysis in solid samples.
ID : 153564
Brand : Skalar
Model : SP 2000 series
Last Update : 07/08/2561 09:05 Preview : 1,704
The SP2000series Skalar introduces the most flexible Robotic BOD platform available today. Besides the modern design and latest technology innovations, it has a flexible set up from 18 up to 198 BOD bottles.
ID : 153582
Brand : Skalar
Model : SP 2000 serie
Last Update : 10/05/2561 08:33 Preview : 1,105
Skalar's SP2000 analyzers can be configured to automate COD according to the sealed tube (ST-COD) method ISO 15705 and EPA 410.4 or to the classical titration method ISO 6060
ID : 153590
Brand : Skalar
Model : FormacsSERIES
Last Update : 12/06/2561 09:00 Preview : 2,071
The FormacsSERIES Total Organic Carbon (TOC) / Total Nitrogen analyzers offer the perfect solution when there is a need for rapid and reliable tests for carbon and/or nitrogen in samples coming from a variety of natural, domestic and industrial sources.
ID : 153723
Brand : Skalar
Model : SP 2000 series
Last Update : 02/07/2561 09:17 Preview : 1,554
Skalar’s sophisticated SP2000 robotic platform offers dedicated and flexible automation solutions for routine analytical testing. Automation is available for a variety of applications including: BOD, COD, Test kit applications (ST-COD, TP, TN etc.), pH, Conductivity (EC), Alkalinity, Carbonate/Bicarbonate, Turbidity, Color, Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE) applications and Particle size distribution analysis in soil, Automatic weighing and filtration of the sample, Automatic sample pipetting etc..